Sea World

Sea World is an absolute must see if you visit Central Florida. It’s unique because of the wonderful animals from the killer whales and dolphins to sharks and seals. There is even a show with dogs, cats, birds and rats. The shows and rides make for an unforgettable experience.

Plan on an entire day for your visit to sea world. Many people visit the park every time they come to central Florida because it’s not every day you see a killer whale perform. The dolphins are just as amazing.

Here are a few of the main attractions at Sea World in Orlando.


Kraken is a monster roller coaster that is ranked by roller coaster lovers as one of the top ten in the world. It is the tallest and fastest roller coast in Central Florida.

Journey to Atlantis
This is a water roller coaster through the lost city of Atlantis.


Wild Artic
An exciting jet helicopter simulator into an Artic storm complete with whales, walruses and polar bears.


Sea World is famous for its shows with Shamu the killer whale, the amazing jumps of dolphins, and entertaining seals.

Shamu has been the star of Sea World for years and the Shamu show is as good as ever.

Blue Horizons
Blue Horizons is an amazing display of acrobatic jumps with beautiful Dolphins.


Shamus Happy Harbor
A collection of rides including a family friendly coaster and play area for toddlers.

Shamu Underwater Viewing
View the killer whale under the water.

Dolphin Cove
Interactive Dolphin Pools and underwater viewing of Dolphins.

Manatee Rescue
See the gentle Manatee and learn how to help protect them.