Driving in Orlando

If you plan on driving in Orlando in your car or a rental car you should get familiar with the major highways and roads. This is important because Orlando can have jam packed travel and tourists can be overwhelmed.

I4 (Interstate 4)

I4 runs north to south through the heart of Orlando. If you are going to downtown Orlando from the theme parks then I4 is your best bet. But if you are going to the theme parks from the airport or the turnpike then you can avoid I4 – and you should. Take 528 (the bee line expressway) instead.

528 (the Bee Line Expressway)

528 runs east to west through Orlando. As you leave the Orlando Airport you will take 528 west towards the theme parks.

522 (Osceola Parkway)

The Osceola Parkway is one of the best shortcuts in Orlando. It runs east to west from the Florida Turnpike right into the heart of the theme parks. If you take 522, which is exit 249 from the turnpike you will save yourself at least 30 minutes when compared with taking I4.


Orlando can have brutal traffic, especially at rush hour. That’s why it is critical you know where you are going. As a visitor you will be driving on the same roads with locals that are trying to get to and from work.

Pay attention to the speed limit as you drive through Orlando. The roads are patrolled by the Florida Highway Patrol, the Orange County Sheriff, and local city police departments and tickets are issued to speeders. Visitors that are not sure where they are going have been known to make last minute exits across multiple lanes, which can cause accidents and get you a ticket. So be prepared, leave early, and don’t speed.

Traffic Tickets

If you do get issued a traffic ticket in the Orlando area or anywhere in Florida be aware that you have 30 days to pay your fine. If you do not pay your fine Florida will send the ticket information to the state that issued your drivers license – if you are an out of state driver.